Monemvasia, Greece / Travel / Mamiya645

In mid May 2017 I travelled across the globe to beautiful Greece to help photograph a destination wedding with the uber talented Katie Grant Photo. We met one another at the Athens airport and hired a car to drive down the coast to a beautiful seaside town Monemvasia where the wedding would be located. Katie had booked a gorgeous AirBnB on an island just off the mainland connected by a small causeway. We crossed over the causeway by car until we were greeted with a large wall with a large arched stone entrance. We had no idea what laid beyond the wall but knew our accomodation was somewhere behind it. We had to leave our car parked outside the wall, there was no vehicle access beyond it. 

Once passing through the entrance we were welcomed by the most beautiful Greek Castle town on the far side of the rock island protected by its walls and hidden from the mainlands view. We fell straight in love, obsessed with its character; its quiet modesty, its authentic medieval buildings, churches and alleyways, its quaint coffee shops & restaurants. Sometimes when travelling to new cities and towns you can really get a sense for its very own 'personality', that feeling a place can give you when visiting it. It felt like a combination of Greece, Italy & Morocco all in the one place. It was its very own, Monemvasia. A place so unique, ancient, & warm holding an almost magical presence. The locals all knew one another and were extremely accomodating and welcoming. 

We strolled the streets in awe with our cameras shooting rolls of film. I could have taken a million photos of this town. You were guaranteed a new stunning scene around every corner. Every building had a view facing straight out to the Aegean sea, with the rolling hills of the Greek mainland peeking out from the west. 

All images below were captured on my Mamiya645 medium format film camera with Portra400 120 film. I've become so inlove with film photography and can't describe the amount of happiness each one of these photos give me. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more film images & more stories of my recent travels with you all.

This is something that truly makes me happy. To travel, to create and to meet new people all over the world. Shooting photographs telling stories of places, people & connection.